Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hurricane Warning by Ginger Simpson

A hurricane!  Just what Linda Morrison needs to welcome her to her new home in Florida.  Fearing her recent purchase may end up a bundle of sticks, she’s relieved when a hero swoops in wearing a yellow slicker and offering help.   Carlos Mejia is eye candy for sure, but she needs those muscles to help board up the window.  Together they ride out the storm raging outside, but inside there’s more than a little electricity in the air.


A face materialized from beneath the slicker. Masculine eyes, as dark as onyx peered at her. “I was wondering the same.”

He swept back his hood, allowing his ebony hair to dance in the blustery current. His square jaw and tanned face softened with a smile. “I’m your neighbor from down the street. I thought perhaps you might need some assistance. My sister, Marcie, tells me you live alone. If this storm notches itself up a bit, we’re in for a turbulent night.”

Against warning bells about strangers, she sought escape from the elements. She knew his sister…maybe, the name rang vaguely familiar. “Please, come in.” Linda gestured, but kept a tight grip on the door to keep it from slamming into the wall. Her heart thudded. Would her murder top the evening news? She could just see the headline now, “Stupid woman opens door to stranger during storm.”

Just sixteen little pages to keep you company and warm your heart during your lunch break, or by candle light during a storm of your own if you aren’t lucky enough to have a neighbor like Carlos.  I highly recommend this cute little short-short.

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  1. I read this and loved it. Ginger is an excellent story teller. I've read several of her books and loved every one.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Roseanne. I can say the same thing about you, too. Oh, come to think of it, I have!