Saturday, May 11, 2013

Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason

There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.”

With this memorable first line, we meet Jason Getty, a regular guy in every mild sense of the word. But extraordinary circumstances push this ordinary man to do something he can’t undo...and now he must live with the undeniable reality of his actions. And just as Jason does finally learn to live with it, a landscaper discovers a body on his property—only it’s not the body Jason buried.

As Jason’s fragile peace begins to unravel, his life is hitched to the fortunes of several strangers: Leah, an abandoned woman looking for answers to her heartbreak; Tim, a small-town detective just doing his job; and Boyd, a fringe-dweller whose past is about to catch up to him—all of them in the wake and shadow of a dead man who had it coming.

There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.”

This has become one of my favorite first lines.  Adding it to the blurb was genius because after reading that, I had to read this book.  It becomes a comedy of errors as the police comb Jason Getty’s property for evidence to solve the murders (yes, plural!) that happened before he bought his house.  He gets so nervous, he decides to move the body he buried there.  He chooses a nice, quiet midnight for the job.  But, the relatives of the earlier victims somehow manage to disturb his peace and quiet and, well…

Ms. Mason has done a great job of drawing some rather odd, quirky characters to populate a sleepy little bedroom community where “nothing ever happens,” and cops who have burned out in the city go for some well-deserved rest.  About the worst they have to deal with are teenagers hanging out by a sink-hole in the woods and littering there.  And maybe the occasional speeder on the highway leading into and out of town.  Murder?  Bodies buried in back yards?  Leave that for the city cops.  Yeah, right.  Oh, and there's a great unofficial canine division.  Whether you're a dog person or not, I suspect you'll fall in love with Tessa.  Ms. Mason even gives us her doggy thoughts.

I recommend this dark comedy suspense tale. 

Length:  320 Pages
Kindle:  $10.67
Hardcover:  $14.03
Paperback:  $10.88
Audio:  $19.79

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