Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hanky Panky (A Liberty Heights Novel) by Elle Druskin

Kaboom! A gas leak destroys Dana Fremder’s apartment and business in Brooklyn. With nowhere to go, Dana runs straight to best friend Hayley in Liberty Heights where a gunman is running loose. Or so Dana thinks. Voice over actor Hank Axelrod is loaded with sound effects that pop, whine, and screech, irritating Dana’s overstretched nerves. Too bad for Hank and Dana, that Hank’s Grandma Baumgart takes a joyride on a skateboard. Grandma has a concussion and an unshakable conviction that Hank and Dana are married. Nobody wants to upset Grandma. What can Hank and Dana do?

If you follow this blog and have taken my suggestion and read the first two Liberty Heights novels, you’re probably already in love with this crazy town and you’ll gobble up Hanky Panky hooting at the antics of the denizens of Liberty Heights, New Jersey the way I did.  You’ll hold your breath while the men of the town search through a blizzard for the most reluctant groom ever; laugh at the Sadie Hawkins Day steeple chase (so the single ladies can catch husbands, of course); and shed a tear for Phoebe Wilson.  She's turning five, and she lost her daddy in Iraq.  And only Liberty Heights would hold a Groundhog Day celebration using a meerkat to predict six more weeks of winter.  Of course, there’s Grandma Baumgart and her insistence that Dana and Hank are married.  Aside from that and a persistent headache that doesn’t seem to stop her from doing anything else, she seems to have recovered quite nicely from her concussion.  She even wants to ride on the scooter Phoebe Wilson got for her birthday, not that Hank or Dana want to let her—goodness only knows what delusion she’d come up with if she bumped her head again.

It’s Christmas Day as I write this and I told myself I wasn’t going to work today.  But I’m still chuckling as I write review and I had to get it down.  Ms. Druskin has pulled off something few writers can manage.  As this series goes on, it gets funnier.  I wish it was a television series so I could spend every week in Liberty Heights.  It’s such a great place to get away to.  Much as I love Chicago, it almost makes me wish I was a Jersey Girl.  And I’ve never heard of anything good coming out of Jersey before.  Ms. Druskin, you’ve rescued the reputation of a whole state.

Length:  193 Pages
Price:  $5.50

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  1. Nice review! Sounds like a cute story!

  2. I can always count on you, Cheryl! It's wonderfully funny! Liberty Heights gets funnier as it goes along and you get to know the denizens. You start laughing when they enter the scene because you know they're going to do something wild & crazy; you just don't quite yet know what it will be!