Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adams and Eve by Elle Druskin


Halloween is murder.

Everyone in Liberty Heights is invited to LouAnn’s party. Dress as an Adams. Nobody can figure out why LouAnn chose such a peculiar theme, and the town’s residents wrack their brains for costumes representing famous characters named Adams. That doesn’t include the gate crashers; sister BettyAnn, now a bonafide member of Registered Witches of America, and her new boyfriend who’s practicing to be a vampire. Then there’s the uninvited costumed guest who plans to use the party to murder LouAnn, but this is Liberty Heights, where the unexpected usually happens.

Who’s trying to kill LouAnn? Why? How do the folks in Liberty Heights prevent a murder? Celebrate Halloween—Liberty Heights style.


  1. Choking Hazard: Do not eat or drink anything while reading Adams and Eve.
  2. Laughing Hazard: Do not read Adams and Eve in public unless you want to explain while you’re rolling around on the floor laughing your derriere off.
I read Adams and Eve at the VA while I was there to do my volunteer work.  It was a slow day.  I sit at a desk in a large waiting room with very little to absorb sound, so my peals of laughter echoed down the waiting room and through the hall.  And there were a lot of peals of laughter.  Of course, this was my sixth trip to Liberty Heights, New Jersey and I love its denizens, both human and animal, so I laugh at inside jokes as well as the obvious ones—like Wayne’s ESP.  Wayne is a beagle.  Or LouAnn Friedbush’s spelling.  She means, “Come as an Addams.”  She dresses as Morticia, her boyfriend Howie Fleischowitz is Gomez, and Wayne is Cousin Itt for a few minutes at least.  He isn’t fond of his costume.

BettyAnn and her boyfriend show up unannounced without costumes, but they’re weird enough not to need them.  Simon P. Stein, the wanna-be vampire, more closely resembles Herman Munster—and doesn’t like the sight of blood.

So, LouAnn’s expecting a Pugsley and a Wednesday or two, maybe an attempt at a Lurch, a few Uncle Festers and possibly another Morticia.  What she gets are John and Abigail Adams, Don Adams as Maxwell Smart with his faithful Agent 99, and a plethora of rather obscure Adamses plus a gorilla who Wayne clearly doesn’t like.

Yuppers!  Halloween Liberty Heights style is both hilarious and memorable.  But you’ll have to buy the book to find out who the gorilla is.  I highly recommend it.  Just re-read the warnings at the top of my review.

Length:  97 Pages
Price:  $2.50

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  1. Nice review! I like Elle's books, too!

  2. Ya gotta know Halloween's gonna be special in Liberty Heights--especially now that the Friebush's are there. I think Pansy would've made a great Cousin Itt, and she may have kept the costume on longer. ;-D)))