Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stone of Heaven by L. A. Sartor


Tori Carswell treasures her solitude and simple life. Her identical twin, Abby Carswell, is the polar opposite, seeking increasingly risky adventures. Now Abby has put herself in mortal danger, captive of an ancient Mayan cult. Her only hope? Woefully under-prepared Tori.

And the Treasure Hunter … Reid Hunter, good-natured and currently broke, aims to beat his ex-partner Abby to the fabled blue jade known as the Stone of Heaven. But when reclusive, aero-phobic Tori overcomes her fear of flying and tracks her sister to a well guarded tomb deep in the Yucatan rainforest, he realizes Abby is in serious trouble.

Can Opposites Accomplish the Impossible? Abby no longer trusts Reid. Can Tori risk doing so now, and join forces with him to save her sister? Or will Reid put riches before life and love?


I have a real bone to pick with Ms. Sartor.  I have been woefully behind.  I had three—count them, three—editing projects to work on.  And what have I been doing in my non-existent "spare time"?  I've been quitting early to read Stone of Heaven because I couldn't put the darned thing down!  The action begins on page one when a hurricane uncovers the road to the tomb for which Abby Carswell has been searching in Chile, and a village boy delivers a broken off bit of the Stone of Heaven amulet to her.  But before he can lead her back to the place where he found it, they're attacked by a Viejo and his followers.  The Viejo isn't just an ordinary priest who worships the Mayan god Itzumna; he's an immortal who was the Head Priest when Itzumna was alive.  The Stone of Heaven is the last amulet he needs to resurrect his terrible God.  And to make matters worse, he sees Tori in Abby's computer and realizes the women are twins.  The blood of twins will make Itzumna doubly strong when he rises.  The last thing they need is for Tori to overcome her fears, leave her comfy-cozy private train and come to Chile to rescue Tori.  Which is exactly what she does, rushing headlong into danger and into situations that cause her to face every one of her worst fears—flying, water, and her growing feelings for Reid Hunter.

By all means, grab this book.  I guarantee Stone of Heaven will grab you and keep hold of you until the very last word on the very last page.

Length:  298 Pages
Paperback:  $9.45
E-Book:  $3.99

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