Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dogs of War: Vertigo by Frances Pauli


A modern day accountant with a level head and her feet firmly planted in ordinary reality, Genevieve doesn’t believe in past lives, demons, or true love. All of which seems like a perfectly practical approach to life until the thing that killed her in World War One decides it’s time to try again…

Genevieve Oliver doesn’t break the law. She doesn’t take risks, and she definitely doesn’t believe in anything weird. Getting pulled over for speeding on the way to pick up her new dog wasn’t exactly on her to do list. Even more surprising, the cop who shows up at her window seems familiar. She’s never seen him before, and yet, just looking at the man makes her want to cry. But Viv has her head on straight. Right?

She shakes off the encounter and heads to the dog breeder only to have an old magazine photo trigger a full blown, past-life flashback. Not only do the soldiers in the picture look like her and her mysterious cop, she remembers them—a memory that holds as much danger as it does passion.

Now Viv is bouncing between two lives and being stalked by something evil in both of them. As the love story of two soldiers unfolds, her own heart opens for a man who may not even be available. Not that she has time to worry about minor details. If she can’t figure out the demon’s identity fast, Viv could lose more than just her life. She could lose everything she never believed in.


Dogs of War: Vertigo was a fascinating mix of paranormal, historical and suspense, even though I pretty much figured out who did it about half-way through.  But I do that; it doesn’t mean you will.  And it didn’t ruin the book for me because there were enough red herrings to keep even me wondering a tiny bit about at least one of them until the end, which was chilling to say the least.  The evil that stalked Viv was evil, indeed, and promised to stalk her through every lifetime she and hunky soldier/cop/soul-mate Officer Adams led.  How could they ever escape their fate in this life or the next, and the next, and…  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Dogs of War: Vertigo was also educational.  I didn’t know the French used dogs to find wounded soldiers among the bodies during World War I.  Ms. Pauli promises more books about the use of dogs in war, and I certainly look forward to learning more about our canine heroes and the people who partner with them.

Length:  216 Pages
Paperback:  12.95
E-Book:  $4.99

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  1. Nice review! I think dogs have been used in every war there ever was. They just don't always get the credit.

    1. Ms. Pauli mentions that in the book. I think this may be the start of a series about dogs used in wars. I plan to follow it.