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Always a Bridesmaid by Jana Richards


Dani Dipietro has always considered herself an ugly duckling in a family of swans. She's the bridesmaid her friends count on, but never the woman any man wants for his bride. So she plays the funny girl and guards her emotions, and her secrets, closely.

When Zach Morrison was dumped at his wedding, Dani was there to help him through the humiliation. A year later they meet again and once more Zach needs her help. To fend off the unwanted attentions of his former fiancé, he asks Dani to pretend to be his girlfriend. They play their roles a little too well, and make believe turns into reality. But their relationship comes crashing down around them when Zach's trust issues cause him to accuse Dani of cheating. Telling the truth means Dani would have to betray a friend, something she would never do. But keeping secrets means she may be destined to remain a bridesmaid forever.


Part of me really related to Dani Dipietro in Always a Bridesmaid, having been overweight much of my life.  Fortunately, I never had to endure a weekend like the one in which Dani finds herself trapped, pretending to be the girlfriend of a man with whom she’s in love so he can try to avoid his former fiancé—who wants him back.  At first things go well and Zach Morrison seems to be falling for the new, svelte Dani.  But then he suddenly changes.  She doesn’t know he saw her hugging another man in the solarium and thought she was cheating on him.  When she realizes what he saw, she can’t explain.  She gave her word to her friend that she would keep his secret, and she’s an honest and loyal friend, even though it means losing Zach.

Always a Bridesmaid took me through a gamut of emotions from laughing in sympathy when Dani’s too-tight bridesmaids dress split while she tried to retrieve a lady’s purse from under the pew and was discovered by Zach after his fiancé, her college friend, left him at the altar, to crying with her when he believes he’s betrayed her.  For a fun, cozy read, curl up with Always a Bridesmaid.

Length:  181 Pages
Price:  $6.99

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