Saturday, December 29, 2012

Agent in Training by Jerri Drennen

On the outside Shiloh Templar appears rigid as steel. But inside she's fighting to keep everything together. Not only has she stepped into a minefield of controversy at work, she's dealing with her father's debilitating disease and a past in Seattle she wants to forget. Week one as the new director, she’s forced to cut staff. The smart-mouthed, much-too-young and sexy Nicholas Trent's position is on the chopping block. Yet, rather than accepting his fate, the man blackmails her.

Nicolas Trent joined the Department of National Security solely for his mother's benefit in an attempt to follow in his dead father's footsteps. He never planned to stay. But when the company's new director, a fiery red-head nicknamed Old Iron Maiden makes it clear he's not DNS material and will probably be released from duty, Nick has a change of heart. He'll resort to any means to keep his job, even threatening to file a sexual harassment suit against the director for walking in on him in the men's shower room while he was naked. What he doesn't take into account is the strong, undeniable attraction that could cost him what he's held on to so tightly.

When a threat and two attempts on Shiloh's life are made, the company insists she have an agent by her side. She's forced to turn to the one man she thinks doesn't belong at the department. Now, not only is she in danger of losing her life, after a night in his arms, she's afraid of losing her heart.

No, it’s not a mistake.  I gave this book zero roses.  I found myself yelling at my Kindle throughout Agent in Training.  One should not have to suspend disbelief when reading a contemporary suspense romance.  Shall I list the things in this book I could not believe?

First:  A professional woman who directs a national agency would be able to keep her hands off the men who work under her supervision no matter how hot they are.  Especially ones ten years her junior.  And she would never walk into the men’s locker room in the first place.

Second:  If said woman’s life were in danger, she would be protected by a team of agents at all times, and that team would include women.  She would not be protected by just one man at a time.

Third:  A person trained by the CIA would know better than to stand in front of a window when her life was threatened, and anyway, the windows in the office of the director of a major government agency would probably be bullet-proof.

Overall, I would expect a woman in Shiloh’s position to be a whole heck of a lot stronger than she is.  How did a wimp like her even make it through CIA's "Farm" let alone rise to the top of an organization that supposedly defends this country?  I love Tom Clancy’s early books.  Mary Pat Foley, Shiloh is not.

Shall I continue?  This book was full of glaring glitches such as this.  The only reason I read the whole thing is that I made a vow never to review a book I had not read in its entirety.  Sometimes, that vow is difficult to keep.  Once again, the downside of having a Kindle is that you can’t fling it across the room when you’re reading a truly bad book.  If you have half a brain, stay away from this one.

Length:  168 Excruciating Pages
Price:  Don't waste your money.
Buy Link: I really mean it.  Don't waste your money.


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