Saturday, March 1, 2014

Entangled Minds by Roseanne Dowell


Strange, realistic visions and dreams invade Rebecca Brennan’s mind. When she experiences someone’s pain, she’s determined to find out who shares her mind. Her search leads to a small town filled with Victorian homes and interesting people and puts her life in danger.


Rebecca Brennan wakes up screaming, “No!” and then feels a burning pain in her shoulder and something warm and wet running down her arm. Has she been shot? No, but someone has—someone whose feelings she’s been sharing for the past few years, someone with whom her mind appears to be linked. He lives in a small town filled with Victorian homes and she thinks he must be a cop. At least she hopes she's linked to a cop and not a criminal.  She decides she has to find him, because whoever wounded him isn’t finished.

Hooking a reader on the first page is an important tool for a writer, and Ms. Dowell really pulls you in with Becca’s rude awakening in Entangled Minds. Is she linked to a cop? A civilian? Or a killer? Or is she linked to both the shooting victim and the shooter? You’ll have to read the book to find out, because it’s too good to give away any of the plot, except to say Rebecca searches for the town in which this mystery takes place and finds it full of Victorian homes, quirky people, and plenty of suspects—enough to keep even me guessing until the very end. I really did not have the perpetrator anywhere on my list of suspects! If you’ve read my reviews, you know how difficult I usually am to fool. Brava Ms. Dowell.

Length: 136 Pages
Price: $2.99

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