Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Dark Series by Gail Roughton

The Color of Seven. Deep in the woods that slide off into Stone Creek Swamp, two teenage drug dealers retrieve their stashed merchandise and receive an unexpected dividend – the unwitting resurrection of the powerful Bokor Cain, practitioner of Black Magic trained in the darkest rites of Voodoo. His unceasing efforts to increase his strength have transformed him into an entity with vampiric power. Entombed for a century, he arises determined to exact revenge on the young doctor responsible for his long and unwilling incarceration. After all, no mere mortal could have defeated him. If he himself still exists, so must his nemesis. On the older city streets of Macon atop Coleman Hill, two young attorneys have renovated an old, shabby house on Orange Street for their home and office. The house, perhaps in gratitude for its restoration, engages in replay mode for rising young attorney Ria Knight, presenting tantalizing scenes of a most private movie just for her, a movie featuring the daily drama of the household of Dr. Paul Devlin. These scenes from the house are extraordinary, but not as extraordinary as the resemblance between the living man she meets in the Mall’s bookstore who introduces himself as Paul Everett and the scenes her house persists in showing her of its first master, Dr. Paul Devlin. Determined to explain the coincidence, Ria tracks Paul Everett, formerly known as Dr. Paul Devlin, to ground in his own mausoleum. In a night that changes both their lives forever, Paul shares the story of the long, hot summer of 1888, forging between them the bond that offers the resurrected Cain a chance for revenge he will use to the fullest as the battle resumes. After all, there is no threat as great as the threat to the one you love.

The Color of Dusk concludes the story of the epic battle that raged in 1888 between Cain, powerful Bokor of Black Magic, and Dr. Paul Devlin, the man who finally banished Cain to the dank cave out by Stone Creek Swamp. In The Color of Dusk, Ria offers Cain, now resurrected from that cave, his perfect revenge against Paul Devlin. The past, like evil, never dies. It just—waits.

I’ve become a fan of Ms. Roughton.  She’s an excellent writer, and I’ve loved every one of her books.  This is her masterpiece.  All of Ms. Roughton’s character’s are finely drawn, sucking the reader into their lives, but these people exist in different worlds—different times.  Ms. Roughton takes us on a journey from Macon, Georgia in the late 1800s to the present and back again, ending up…  Yeah—ya have to read the book/s to find out.  I suggest reading them together as one book, which is how Ms. Roughton wrote the manuscript.  Her editor thought it was too long to be one book.  She apparently didn’t read the last few Harry Potter books in pretty much one sitting, which I tried to do.  Not being a page-at-a glance reader, the final one took me about thirty-six hours and included a nap, which I took rather grudgingly with the book in my lap.  I don’t have the stamina I did when I was a kid.  But, I digress.

Cain will chill your blood.  “My name be Cain.  My color be sebben.”

And Paul and Ria will warm your heart.  But not unless you buy this amazing book.

Length:  389 Pages
Price:  $5.99


  1. Rochelle, thank you so much! Of all my books, this is probably the one in which I have the most emotional investment. And even today, when I re-read some of the scenes, I truly don't know where the heck they came from!