Saturday, December 22, 2012

Exiled: Winter’s Curse Book Two of the Chronicle of Caleath by Rosalie Skinner

Alone, Caleath rides south to kill the Tarack queen in her dormant colony, and thus, ensure the safety of the people. His ‘kill or be killed’ mission is not altruistic. Although he justifies his motive, saving the people, gaining his own freedom and acceptance, deep within his soul he battles a yearning for Tarack stim crystal. However, a small child's plea for help dissolves Caleath's simple plan.

His new quest takes him on a desperate path traversed by bandits, dragons, bloody battles, danger, and death. No longer is Caleath alone.

Meanwhile Nasith travels south with Lachlan, Gwilt, and a band of soldiers prepared for the battle with the Tarack. As they travel, Gwilt voices his concern about the malevolence surrounding a newcomer to the group. Convinced his doubts have fallen on deaf ears, he remains alert and wary. His attitude leads to a confrontation from which neither he nor Nasith emerge unscathed.

Winter allows the people of Allorn time to prepare, while other nefarious schemes rise to destroy them.

Winter’s Curse picks up where Autumn’s Peril left off.  Like The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Caleath reads as though Ms. Skinner wrote the whole story as one long book.  Yet, each volume can stand on its own.  There is enough exposition and back-story in each book so a person can catch up on what went before without bogging down the action of the current story.  That is a sign of masterful storytelling.

In addition to the cast of characters we met in Book One, new people appear in Winter’s Curse to join the fray, or to detour Caleath, Gwilt and Nasith from their quest.  They prepare for the battle against the Tarak, but they also encounter new challenges and face a few other battles along the way, while we explore more of the incredible world Ms. Skinner has created for us.  Series writing is not easy.  The second book is not always as good as the first.  In this case, it is.  I look forward to reading the next installment, and I encourage you to join me.

Length:  202 Pages
Price:  $5.95
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  1. Thanks, Cheryl. Rosalie's a really good writer and this series is terrific.

    1. Makes books a lot easier to review when the writer and story are both good, doesn't it?

  2. That's an excellent change--I was just looking for your review of my Triptych, clicked on the cover here and it took my to my buy page but no review! The new way will be much better. Meredith