Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Halloween Dino Trip by Lea Hovris Shizas

10-31-11  The Halloween Dino Trip by Lea Hovris Shizas

Jillian is planning her first big Halloween party and hopes the weather holds out
Well, the weather does...but after Jillian, in her witch's outfit playfully chants the following from a prop witch's spell book:
“Changes are due…
Not many but a few
To meet your history
And see it’s not misery
Ghosts will abound
Trekking all around
For you will now travel
In a land full of marvel”
Everyone is in for the surprise of their life. Her backyard is gone. In its place greenery filled with tall trees, a variety of bushes, and...DINOSAURS?


Jillian’s birthday party takes quite a turn in the land of the Dinosaurs in this delightful middle-grade story.  I ordered this book for my granddaughter when she was visiting, but she did not get all the way through it.  She did enjoy what she read of it, stopping to say, “Grandma, guess what’s happening!”  Ms. Shizas did a wonderful job of re-creating the classroom at the beginning.  My granddaughter said the teacher reminded her of one of her teachers.  I picked up the Kindle when the kids left and read the story myself and found it charmingly scary.  I didn’t figure whether the kids would get home until the very end, either!  The book was very informative, as well—but don’t tell your children that.  If you have middle grade children or grandchildren, they will definitely enjoy The Halloween Dino Trip.

Price:  $2.50

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