Sunday, November 6, 2011

A View to a Kilt by Chris Redding

Waking up next to a dead guy can ruin your whole day.

When a wise-cracking interior decorator wants to put her past behind her, the dead body of the mayor’s son makes it pretty clear that won’t happen too easily.

A conservative former computer geek for the FBI is holding on too tightly to his past. His wife died under suspicious circumstances and he believes the decorator has the information to solve the case. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t talking… until a series of events convinces her she needs protection especially when her biggest secret threatens to destroy both their lives.

Miriam Stokes is feisty, funny, and independent.  Okay, she’s downright stubborn and she nearly gets herself killed because of it.  Angus “Gus” Macpherson is now a PI and he’s only supposed to protect her; not fall in love with her.  But with a closet still full of his late wife’s clothing a year after her death, it’s difficult to convince Mim he’s ready to move on.  And they don’t have much time to talk while they’re dodging bullets.

There’s a dark secret in Mim’s past that overshadows everything.  She was married to a crooked cop with ties to the mafia.  Some anonymous man is paying for Gus’ services, but who is he?  What kind of connections does her family have?  Is Mim really a mafia princess?  Is that why Gus could never get near her for a statement when he was working the case that got him kicked out of the FBI? The investigation of her ex-husband?  And why did she wake up next to the Mayor’s dead son?  Was not killing her a mistake?  Those questions haunted me until the very surprising end.

It’s a great read.

Price:  $2.99

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