Sunday, September 25, 2011

Masked Love by Ginger Simpson

At forty-two and facing middle age, Olivia Wilson gets shocking news from her physician.  The extra fifty pounds she’s gained since her divorce has brought on sleep apnea, and now she needs to wear some ugly apparatus at night to help her breathe.  The clerk at the medical supply store takes her breath completely away, but why in the world would someone as handsome as Austin Reed date a fat, lonely woman who looks like Jacques Cousteau at night?

One of our authors has dubbed Ginger Simpson the Goddess of Humor at MuseItUp Publishing, Inc., because she keeps all of us laughing both on the loops and in her books.  And Ginger has not failed in this short story.  At twenty-four pages, she will have you chuckling and sympathizing with Olivia whether or not you look like Jacque Cousteau at night as so many of us do.

Yes, like Olivia, I wear a CPAP and it’s darned hard to kiss a man good night when he can’t reach your lips because your mask is in the way!  I’ve lost 122 pounds (as of September 1!) so I’m hoping to get rid of it when I reach my goal.  At three-hundred pounds I was lucky I could breathe at all.  ;-)

Back to the review.  I highly recommend this delightful read.

Price:  $2.50

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