Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stranger on the Shore by Roseanne Dowell

Author, Jordan Blake lives in a house along Lake Erie. She’s a recluse and likes it that way. No interruptions while she’s writing. At least not until that day in October when an early lake storm brews up. Not that she minds snowstorms. Far from it. She loves them. While she’s on her deck securing chair cushions and chairs, something along the rocky shoreline catches her eye. A body? Hard to tell from where she stood. Not being one to ignore someone in need, she rushes across the yard. It’s a body all right–a male’s body. Thank God he was alive, but unfortunately unconscious. After much pulling, rolling and pushing, Jordan manages to get him to her house and finally inside.
Both of them are soaked down to their skin. Jordan can’t leave him in his wet clothes, so sets about removing them. The stranger sparks something in her she thought was long dead. Trying to ignore her feelings, she dresses him in an old bathrobe from her ex-husband. Unfortunately when he comes to, the attraction grows. Jordan tries to ignore what she feels toward the stranger, but his kisses awaken something in her. Something she’d rather wasn’t aroused. To make matters worse, the stranger doesn’t have any idea who he is. For all she knows he might be a mass murderer.

At twenty-seven pages, this is a fast paced, fully-fleshed-out short read.  Ms. Dowell establishes Jordan’s preference for a solitary existence, and then brings in a sexy, amnesiac stranger to awaken the feelings she’s been repressing her ex-husband dumped her and shattered her heart.  We fully sympathize with her reasons not to trust this man, despite his sexy looks and engaging ways–and hot kisses by the fireplace. Now why did she let that happen?  Well, she couldn’t stay locked in her office for the duration of the storm.  Not when it lasted a couple of days and definitely not when the lights went out and the fireplace was in the other room—where he was.

I highly recommend this short, sweet romance.  It’s every woman’s fantasy.


  1. Thank you, Rochelle. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I agree with your review of Roseanne's book. A lot of story packed into those few pages. Great job!

  3. You're very welcome, Roseanne. J.Q., isn't it just great?

    I need to read something I DON'T like so people will think I'm a real reviewer. Unfortunately (?) everything from the Muse is just so darned good, and I can't resist buying Muse books!