Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Pendulum Swings by L. J. Holmes

When you wake up in a strange room, that's bad, but when you wake up in a strange body, time, and everyone hates you, that's REALLY bad...and terrifying.

What do you do when your last memory is being skewered to death and your next is waking up in the body of another, thousands of years in the future?

You set out to be yourself and win over these future beings of course, because for some reason, the gods of your time have decided this is where you are supposed to live out the rest of your life.

This delightful read is available at MuseItHot.  Maybe that’s because it has some violent scenes and a truly horrifying situation at the end.  Not being terribly fond of erotica, I tend to shy away from the hot side of any publishing house, but there is no graphic sex in this book.  As for the belly dancing, even the toddler learns how to do it.  Siri is basically a kind and happy soul born in Egypt during the Roman occupation who was in love with Petronius, the Roman legate who claimed her as his slave.  She dies and awakens in the body of a woman who clearly was neither kind nor happy before driving into the tree that put her into a coma.

Siri’s natural sunshine and warmth win over everyone in the household except the man who asked his wife for a divorce and stormed from the house the night she downed several scotches, tried to follow him, and drove her car into a tree.  He refuses to believe any of the changes in her personality are real when she awakens from her coma.  Siri is distressed, but she is still in love with Petronius.  After all, to her, Egypt feels like yesterday.

I highly recommend this wonderful novella.  It's available at MuseItHot

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  1. Thank You Rochelle. Because of the Blogger issues I am having to comment as ANONYMOUS, but this is me, L.J. Holmes. I am so glad you enjoyed Siri's story.