Saturday, September 8, 2012

Norman by Craig Gehring

Journalism student Clayton East is hot on the trail of a multi-billion dollar hoax - a research project into artificial intelligence authored by a scientist-turned-exile.

He’ll risk his career, his friendships and his love to get the scoop of a lifetime.

But when Clayton finally discovers the truth, he gets much more than he bargained for.

I mostly skated through gym class on the strength of clean, well-pressed gym suits, except the semester my gym teacher got pregnant.  The woman who replaced her thought we all actually needed to be athletes, and unfortunately she overheard me kvetch to a friend that I didn’t see why a nurse needed a good batting average.  She told me it was so I would have a “well rounded” education.  Maybe she was a drill instructor somewhere, because I’m not sure I’ve quite gotten over the jogging she made me do.  So, I’m afraid I sympathized with Clayton when he wrote his feature story asking why a Journalism student had to take Computer Science.  Somehow I dodged that bullet and I do quite well using Word, Excel, Publisher, etc. without knowing a thing about ones or zeros.

Clayton, however, has to take Computer Science and when he writes his feature article saying it’s a waste of time, his professor reads it and gets rather angry at him.  Then Clayton finds out the prof has a multi-million dollar research program that apparently is not showing any results and is not expected to do so for at least a hundred years. He sets out to expose the man for a fraud.  He does not, in a million years, expect to meet Norman.  Nor does he expect to feel the things Norman makes him feel.  I highly suggest you read this story and see how Norman makes you feel.

Length:  64
Price:  $3.50

You’ll notice I always include the publisher’s buy link.  That’s because authors usually receive 40% of the book price from the publisher.  Editors and cover artists usually receive about 5%.  When you buy a book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or another third-party vendor, they take a hefty cut and the author, editors and cover artists receive their cuts from what is left.  So, if a book costs $5.99 at E-Book and you buy from there, the author will receive about $2.40.  If you buy the book at Amazon, the author will receive about $0.83.

Downloading the file from your computer to your Kindle is as easy as transferring any file from your computer to a USB flash drive.  Plug the USB end of your chord into a USB port on your computer and simply move the file from your “Downloads” box to your Kindle/Documents/Books directory.  I actually download my books using “Save As” to a “Books” file on my computer that’s sorted by my publisher, friends, and books “to review,” and then transfer them to my Kindle from there.  That way, if there’s a glitch with my Kindle, the books are on my computer.  Your author will be happy you did when he/she sees his/her royalty statement.

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