Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dangerous Voice by Kat Holmes

Back Cover:

Forty-seven year old Phaia Mykos is a meek and mild librarian by day, but to put her daughter through college she turns into the sexy and alluring Sasha by night. Using her voice, she teases and titillates men on the phone.

But when women in her line of work suddenly find themselves under attack, it’s only a matter of time until the madman turns his eye on the one called Sasha.

To trap the stalker, the police send hunky and much younger detective Derek Hoffman to her door. Long has she desired the man and circumstances provide her the perfect opportunity to get what she wants, hopefully before her obsessed fan silences her for good.


“So we can explain how this is going to work.” He spoke to her as though she was a simpleton and Phaia decided then and there she didn’t like Derek’s partner. “I must admit, I’m surprised you let your daughter conduct such business in your home. Morals aren’t what they used to be.”

“Archie, that’s enough!” Derek hissed at his partner. “We’re not here to judge.”

Phaia burst out laughing. Oh, this is too much. They think her daughter is Sasha. Archie Gibson seemed like such a stiff shirt she could only imagine what his reaction would be when he found out the truth. Both men looked at her as though she’d taken leave of her senses and that just made Phaia laugh even harder. This might just end up being fun after all.

“I hate to burst your bubble, but Noelle is away at college. Anyway, she isn’t the one you want to talk to. Noelle isn’t Sasha.” Pausing for effect, Phaia grinned wide as she looked directly into Archie’s eyes. “I’m Sasha.”

Phaia is a bit of a cougar who has been drooling over her hunky, younger next-door neighbor, Derek Hoffman ever since he moved in.  But she allowed her discomfort about their age difference to keep her from acting on her feelings.  After all—she’s pushing fifty and why would he be interested in the prim, proper middle-aged librarian next door?  And she’s not about to confess she moonlights as Sasha, phone-sex goddess to keep her daughter at Princeton.  So when someone hacks into her boss’ server and starts assaulting her colleagues, imagine her surprise that one of the two cops who show up to provide protection is none other than Derreck.  She can definitely live without his condescending partner, but she has plans for him.

I highly recommend this great short read.

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