Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working Under Covers by Kat Holmes

Due to the economy, the Gods of Olympus are now forced to work among mortals. Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty decides to open her own Internet dating service in Los Angeles. Taking on the name Ariel Schell to hide her true identity, she opens Venus Connections.

Jordan Cade is a retired cop turned PI. But when several women go missing, his former boss drags him back for one last assignment. The only thing the women have in common is a dating service.

All Aphrodite wants is to earn a living. All Jordan wants is to find the missing women. But Fate has other plans and a little under covers work may be needed.

This is a difficult review to write because Kat Holmes is a good friend of mine.  If you like erotica, you will probably greatly enjoy this book.  Unfortunately, I’m not fond of it.  This story is only thirty-five pages long and there are three(?) four(?) sex scenes in it.  Just as Aphrodite and Jordan were about to discover who the culprit was, they stopped to make love.  At that point, I skimmed over the sex to see who did it.  I’m sorry, Kat, but for me that last session got in the way of the plot.  If you like erotica and lots of hot sex, this is the story for you.

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