Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guilty Kisses by Killarney Sheffield or Not Proper Etiquette for a Barbeque Guest

When Lady Cassandra is visited by a thief in the dark of night, she finds her body awakened in a way that her husband's touch has never stirred her desires.

However there are consequences for even a brief stolen night of passion that leave Cassie in dire straights. She turns to the only one she thinks can help her...but will he come before it is too late?

Comte Cohen Ashton's mission is to retrieve a priceless artifact and return it to its former country of origin. He doesn't expect to have his heart stolen by his sworn enemy's lovely young wife or to discover a treasure of his own making that is more valuable than any other.

In the midst of a war between England and France, Cohen must save them both from their folly and Cassie must forgive herself her own sins. Can they prevail or will their fates be sealed by guilty kisses?

Killarney Sheffield it’s all your fault!  I was only going to read for an hour until we left for the barbecue.  But because of you I did not spend the evening hanging out with my daughter, Elizabeth and her boyfriend offering advice on how to put together the grill she and the kids bought him for Father's Day.

Because of you, I did not tell them how to cook the steaks.

Because of you, I did not hang out with the teenagers.

Because of you I sat on the couch and read Guilty Kisses!

Between Cohen (who somehow I forgave for having his way with her), and Cassie (who kept going when I would have just…)  Read the book!

I couldn't put the darned thing down. Especially not after the thing with the ship to France. You should put a warning not to start the book on a holiday.  I just HAD to finish it!

I highly recommend this page-burning read. And have tissues ready. This is not only a five rose book, it’s a five tissues book. No—it’s a whole box of tissues book.

Price:  $5.95
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