Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Wing and a Prayer by Ginger Simpson

First Impressions aren’t always what they seem. Just ask Callie Corwin.

On a 747, Callie Corwin, buckles up for her first day as a flight attendant. The full jet carries two passengers who stand out from the others, but for totally different reasons. The handsome cowboy promises to be a pleasant distraction from her performance anxiety, but the dark-skinned gentleman a few rows back sends her up her hackles. She’s been trained on how to recognize a terrorist, and he fits the very description. Will she see jolly old England or the bottom of the sea?

This is a very short read—only nineteen pages, but Ms. Simpson introduces us to Callie and builds the suspense at a nice pace from the first bump of turbulence to the final confrontation between her eye-candy cowboy and the surly, swarthy gentleman. The aircraft is definitely in trouble and Callie is right in the middle of it.

I highly recommend this story as a great waiting room read—as long as you aren’t waiting for a flight. ;-)

You can buy A Wing and a Prayer at MuseItUp Publishing, Inc.


  1. This sounds very interesting. Love cowboys and since I know the twists of turns of Ginger's style, there's a lot more to this story than meets the eye...great cliffhanger and loved the review Rochelle. Good job.

  2. Nice review, Rochelle. I read this book and enjoyed it also.